The true Cincinnati value!

This next part of the dynasty value series is about the Cincinnati Bengals who got the number one pick in this years draft after finishing with a dismal 2-14 record. They will be starting this year in the AFC North with a brand new quarterback and a hope of having a much improved season despite being in a tough division.

Starting in the running back room the Bengals have got one of the most sought after guys in dynasty with Joe Mixon. Mixon is a solid running back one for anyone’s team and given that his ADP is at the 2.02 it means he might not be your only one. Any team that has their two main running backs as Joe Mixon and Josh Jacobs will give you a chance of winning most weeks.

The last two years Mixon has amassed over 1,400 all purpose yards and at least eight touchdowns each season. You have to remember that he has managed to do this for a team who has been very poor. This year he has got a new quarterback who may be more willing to throw compared to Andy Dalton but he will be the main guy in the backfield and having a more competent QB might free him up more for big plays.

The other guy in the backfield who might be worth noting is Gio Bernard who has been with Cincinnati for seven years now. Bernard doesn’t get many attempts but he is a competent running back who you should remember, especially if Mixon was to pick up an injury. If you draft Mixon then the idea of picking up Bernard to sit on your bench might not be the worst idea.

At wide receiver the Bengals have got some good players who could provide your team with a nice amount of points but they do all come with some potential problems. First up the Bengals have got Tyler Boyd who finished as the wide receiver 25 last year and has received over 1,000 yards the last two years. Boyd has been a solid choice the last two years and he would be a good choice for a lot of teams.

The problems for Boyd this year and in the future are that the Bengals have a new quarterback and we don’t know how that relationship will pan out. Also, he will have more and better competition on his team for passes with AJ Green back from injury and the newly drafted Tee Higgins. Not only do you have this uncertainty but also he does not come cheap as his ADP is currently 3.09. If you have gone two running backs in the first two rounds you wouldn’t be confident of having Boyd as your wide receiver one.

AJ Green is back for the Bengals after missing the whole of last season through injury and he is at a very nice ADP. Currently he is going at 8.06 which would be a steal for a player who back in 2017 had 1,078 yards and eight touchdowns. Although this sounds good he does come with some serious downsides for your team. He has missed the last season and a half through injury and although he is fit now who knows how he will react to playing. Also, Green is 31 and although he says he wants to play on for longer he might not be able to physically or be able to do much for your team. Green could be huge for your team at his ADP but he comes with some significant risk.

Along with Boyd and Green the Bengals have got some other wide receivers that are worth looking at. Firstly, Tee Higgins was drafted in the second round and he has some serious potential for your dynasty team. He has a huge catch radius and was top of the 20+ yard receptions in college last year with 15. He will make a great wide receiver in his own right and will have even more attempts if AJ Green cant stay fit.

The downsides to Higgins is that he might not have loads of receptions in his first year with the vast majority going to Green and Boyd. His ADP is 10.03 and you could pick up a player who is likely to play more than him at that price, such as Darius Slayton or Robby Anderson. He does provide some good value and you shouldn’t be put of as he will become a key figure in their offence in the future but there is better value on this team.

Also, the Bengals have got Auden Tate and John Ross currently in their wide receiver room. Tate had a much better season last year after a poor rookie year, although he had little opportunity. Last year he had 575 yards and one touchdown and if AJ Green does suffer from another injury he will get some game time. He is someone that you wouldn’t pick until really late in your draft and you might even find him stay on the waiver wire. Ross is also likely to be on your waiver wire but he is a speedster who could pull off a big play every now and then. He is an option for you to pick up if you really need someone who could do something for your team mid-season.

At tight end the Bengals have not really got much to offer your dynasty team with CJ Uzomah and Drew Sample as their main two guys. Uzomah is the first choice but only managed to be the tight end number 41 last year and there are much better options for your team. You might want to take Uzomah as a bench spot as he will be the starter for this team but that’s about all you would be taking him for. Sample will feel that he has an opportunity to take the starters job but again he would only be for your bench.

The true Cincinnati value!

Joe Burrow is massive value for your dynasty team this year and for potentially many years to come given what his ADP is. He is currently being drafted at 13.02 which is a great price for a starting quarterback coming into the NFL. He had a massive final year in college for LSU passing for 5,671 yards and 60 touchdowns producing one of the best records for a quarterback in college. Not only did he pass for all them yards but he has the ability to run if needed which will give your team a few extra cheap points.

The only negative to Burrow is the uncertainty of how he copes with playing in the NFL. You should not be expecting similar stats for him with Cincinnati but even if he has a half competent rookie year he will be worth taking at the low price. Kyler Murray had 3,722 passing yards and 20 touchdowns with 544 rushing yards and four touchdowns. Although Burrow will not rush that much he will pass for that with the talent on that team. Murray finished the number seven quarterback which shows that Burrow could easily be a top 15 quarterback in his rookie year.

This is your chance to get a potentially good quality quarterback who could be at the head of your team for many years. Don’t miss out on this incredible value before he becomes more expensive next year.

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