The true Chicago value!

Next up for our ‘value’ series is the Chicago Bears who will be looking to improve on an average 8-8 season last year. They only managed to make it into 3rd place in the AFC North and will be hoping to move up in the division and make it into the playoffs this year.

First up we have got the quarterback room who to be honest is were the biggest problems seem to be for the offence in Chicago. Last years starter was Mitch Trubisky who has not really had much upside in the last couple of years, producing only 17 touchdowns last season and in free agency they took Nick Foles from Jacksonville. Foles was a superbowl winning quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles a couple of years ago but struggled at the Jacksonville Jaguars last year and ended up losing the job to Gardner Minshew after injury and poor form.

The chances are Trubisky will be the starter going into training camp this year but neither him or Foles will be lighting the league up. Both guys ADP are lower than the 15th round in dynasty drafting and you wouldn’t want to picking up either of them as a starting QB. The Bears have not taken Trubisky’s 5th year option which means they can get rid of him after this year and Foles could easily become a bit of a journeyman in the next few years. Obviously the uncertainty of who will be the starter will have an affect on the rest of the teams attack.

At running back the Bears have got David Montgomery as the main guy after a solid rookie year finishing as the running back #22. He rushed for 889 yards and six touchdowns from 242 attempts which is good for a rookie and at 23 years of age he has time on his side. You would hope he will improve for another year being in the team and given that he did that with Trubisky as QB the potential uncertainty of who will be the starter wont be a problem.

Montgomery does come with a few downsides which might stop him from becoming a top ten running back. He might get a few more attempts to push his rushing stats up a bit but with Tarik Cohen in the side he is always going to be limited when it comes to the passing work. Another downside to Montgomery is that his current dynasty ADP is 3.08 which isn’t mega high but it does make him quite team dependant.

Looking at the way drafts are going most people are drafting running backs early so you could get two really good running backs in the first two rounds before you reach the 3rd and Montgomery. You shouldn’t be put off by Montgomery as he will get a lot of attempts and the Bears are a running team but you can get better at the running back position before you reach Montgomery.

Along with Montgomery the Bears have got Tarik Cohen who has been there for three years now but there was a drop in his usage last year. With Montgomery taking the majority of the rushing work Cohen will only give you so much as the pass catcher and although his ADP is lower than the 15th round in dynasty he is going to be mainly a guy to sit on your bench. He does represent a bit of value as he could have games where he picks up a touchdown and ok yardage but he isn’t going to offer you loads.

At tight end the Bears have got loads of options but none that you would really want in your team as who knows who their main guy will be. Jimmy Graham is the obvious choice given the amount of money that they gave him when he signed in free agency but he looked like he was finished at Green Bay last year. Adam Shaheen has been with the Bears for a couple of years now but he has not really done much for them and you cant see him doing much this year.

The only other tight end that is worth noting for the Bears is the newly drafted Cole Kmet from Notre Dame. He has the opportunity to become the main tight end as the rest of them are pretty poor and he has improved over his college years. He is considered a good option as a chain-mover but he would only be worth taking as a potential guy for the future and not to be great this year.

The Bears have got quite a lot of wide receivers who are going to get game time but are not going to offer you loads of value. Anthony Miller is an ok option but is mainly going to be a bench option for your team given the previously stated problems at quarterback. He is only 24 years old and so he has many years in front of him which is why he might be worth picking up at his current ADP of 11.02.

Riley Ridley, Ted Ginn and Cordarrelle Patterson are also with the Bears and they may well get some game time. For dynasty you would probably be more likely to take Ridley as he was a rookie last year and has the potential to become a starter. All of these guys are going to be very low in your dynasty draft and you should only look at them as bench spots who might make an impact if the Bears get any injuries.

The true Chicago value!

Allen Robinson is the true Chicago value for your dynasty team and for many years to come. Last year he produced 1,147 yards and seven touchdowns making him the wide receiver #12 for the season. He managed to do this with a quarterback who only passed for 17 touchdowns in the whole season. If Trubsiky is the starter there is no reason why Robinson cant do the same again this coming year, if Foles is the starter then he is just as likely to do the same if not better.

Robinson showed that he has the ability to be a top ten wide receiver with just a little bit more consistency from his quarterback and he is head and shoulders above his wide receiver team mates. The only downside to Robinson is that his contract comes up with the Bears after this season but you would have to think another team would be desperate for him. The real reason he represents some really good value is where he is currently being drafted in dynasty. He is going at the 5.05, which means you can get a potential top ten wide receiver in the 5th round. Even if he only managed to be a top 15 guy he would be worth the value as he is the 27th wide receiver off the board.

People are sleeping on Allen Robinson because of the uncertainty at the quarterback position but no matter who wins out he will be a steal at the 5.05. You could have three quality running backs and a wide receiver and Robinson could sit as your wide receiver two. That is insane value for your team that you should not miss out on!

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