The true Carolina value!

The Carolina Panthers are next up for us to have a look at who is representing the most value for your dynasty team. The Panthers had a really bad season last year finishing bottom of the NFC South with a 5-11 record but they still provided some serious value for fantasy.

The Panthers had trouble at quarterback last year as Cam Newton went down injured after only two games and then Kyle Allen took over the job for the rest of the season. With both players now gone and a new coaching staff in place the Panthers opted for Teddy Bridgewater as their new number one. The plus point to Bridgewater is that he is seriously cheap with his ADP after the 15th round and his is the starter but really drafting Bridgewater is a big concrn.

In five years of being a quarterback in the NFL, Bridgewater has only played one full season, his second year for Minnesota. Last year he played nine games for New Orleans and although he had his highest pass percentage he didn’t really do anything you would want on your team. In nine games he only managed 1,384 yards and nine touchdowns which is poor by most NFL quarterback standards. Also, you have to remember he had an o-line which was ranked #1 at run blocking and #3 at pass protection. The Carolina Panthers were #17 at run blocking and #29 at pass protection. This does not bode well for Bridgewater and he should be avoided.

At wide receiver the Panthers have got some really good players that would be a help to your dynasty team but with Bridgewater as their quarterback their is a concern. Firstly, you have got D.J Moore who had a decent season last year getting 1,175 yards and four touchdowns. At the age of only 23 he has got many years on his side and you have to think their is some serious potential for him to become one of the main wide receivers in the league.

The downside to Moore is that his ADP is at 2.05 which is high for a guy who finished as the wide receiver 21 last season. Although you could argue that Kyle Allen was not a great quarterback for the Panthers if you look at his numbers you can see that Teddy Bridgewater would offer something similar. Not only is that a potential problem but last season Moore and Curtis Samuel were the main receivers but this year Robby Anderson has also joined offering more potential places for Bridgewater to spread the ball. Moore is potentially a star in the making and he should be in everyone’s thoughts when it comes to draft day but he needs a quarterback who is better than he currently has.

Along with Moore the Panthers have got two other starting wide receivers in Curtis Samuel and Robby Anderson. Both guys offer a chance of making a difference to your team at a smaller price but it could be a bit of a guessing game who will win out as the Panthers number two. Samuel does offer your dynasty team slightly more as he is only 23 where as Anderson is 27. Also Samuel was at the Panthers last year and Anderson has been with the New York Jets for the last five years. 

Both guys are around the 9/10th rounds but there are other players that are better options for your team both short and long term. Marvin Jones is a 9th round pick, Darius Slayton is a 10th round pick and both guys would be options that you hope would do better, as they did last year. Samuel and Anderson have the potential to become good for your fantasy team if they develop a good relationship with Bridgewater but that is the unknown.

At the tight end position the Panthers have got Ian Thomas who has not had much action over the last two years but is the starting tight end for them. He has a chance of increasing his usage this year as Greg Olsen has left to go to the Seattle Seahawks. Olsen got 597 yards and two touchdowns and there is clearly going to be times when Thomas will get used. His ADP is 14.03 which puts him near the bottom end of the tight ends but he could be a top 20 tight end so he does offer some value.

The true Carolina value!

This is probably not a surprise to many of you but the true Carolina value is Christian McCaffery. McCaffery is a beast of a running back who as been at the top of his game for the last two years and was the number one last year. In 2018 he produced 1,965 yards and 13 touchdowns and in 2019 he produced 2,392 yards and 19 touchdowns. These numbers are insane and there is no reason as to why he wont do it again.

With a quarterback who might not have the confidence to constantly chuck the ball around you have to feel he will dump it off to McCaffery a lot. Also, with a new coaching staff you might think that they want to do it their way but they would be crazy to ignore McCaffery’s talents. Also, McCaffery has played for three years in the NFL now and he is yet to miss a game. His ADP is 1.02 in dynasty behind Saquon Barkley and the fact he is not the 1.01 represents value.

Chances are Christian McCaffery will go at the 1.01 or 1.02 in your dynasty draft so not many of you will have the chance to get him but if you do you would be mad to miss out on this star who represents great value for your team.

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