The true Buffalo value!

The next team we are looking at today is the Buffalo Bills who had a very good season last year reaching the play-offs for only the second time in 20 years. During the regular season they managed a 10-6 record and this year they will be very hopeful of taking the AFC East title.

Leading the line for the Bills is their starting quarterback Josh Allen, who had a great season last year finishing the number six QB. He likes to run the ball as much as he can which is why he managed to finish so high as he rushed for 510 yards and nine touchdowns, the highest in the league. At the age of 24 he would make an ideal quarterback for your dynasty team for many years to come.

However, Allen does come with some problems which is why he doesn’t represent much value considering his ADP is 6.06 and the fifth off the board at his position. Not only is he expensive but also with the arrival of star wide receiver Stefon Diggs he might opt to throw a bit more and rush a bit less. If you take any of his rushing away from him then Allen will be less valuable as his passing is not great. His passing completion percentage was only 58.8% last year and the next QB below 60% was Baker Mayfield at quarterback number 19.

Stefon Diggs was the big off season asset that the Bills traded for from the Minnesota Vikings and this provides a massive upgrade for the Bills wide receiver group. Diggs has been a strong performer for the Vikings in the last five years and has had over 1,000 yards in his last two seasons. He is more than capable of being the Bills number one receiver and at only 26 years of age he still has a good three/four years in his prime.

Diggs does come with some downsides though as he is joining a brand new team and he might take time to build a good relationship with Josh Allen. Along with this is that when it comes to passing he will have a downgrade in quarterback compared to Kirk Cousins. Cousins had a pass completion percentage of 69% last year, Allen had 58.8%. Diggs isn’t cheap either, his ADP is 4.07 and although you hope he would be ok for your team that is expensive for a player who hasn’t managed to play a whole season without some form of injury.

Along with Stefon Diggs the Bills have got John Brown and Cole Beasley as their main three wide receivers. Brown had the best year in his six year career so far with the Bills but Diggs was not part of the team then and he was the number one choice for Josh Allen to pass to. It will be tough for Brown to reach the 1,060 yards and six touchdowns he got last year. His ADP is 9.01 which puts him in a similar position to the Detroit Lions Marvin Jones and so there are better options for you out there.

Cole Beasley is a solid wide receiver who will line up in the slot for the Bills and probably get around 700 yards and five touchdowns. He is around 30 now and his ADP is not in the top 15 rounds so if you want a solid option to get you a few points then he might be worth a bench spot.  He isn’t anything exciting but if you get injuries you may need someone like him to help you out every now and again.

At tight end the Bills have got Dawson Knox who had an ok rookie year picking up just shot of 400 yards and two touchdowns. Knox only had 50 targets and so you would have to think that would increase a bit as he enters his second year. His ADP is lower than the top 15 rounds and he would be worth taking as he does have the ability to improve but you wouldn’t take him as your starting tight end.

At running back the Bills have got Devin Singletary who had an ok rookie season amassing 969 all purpose yards and four touchdowns. He finished as the running back number 31 which isn’t anything amazing but you would hope that he would be able to improve going into his second year. The worry for Singletary is that last year the Bills had Frank Gore who had 166 rushing attempts. With Gore gone the Bills went out and drafted a running back in the third round and so Singletary’s ADP of 4.07 looks a bit high as he is going off the board as the running back 17.

The true Buffalo value!

The true Buffalo value for your team in this years draft is Zack Moss who currently has an ADP of 12.06. Moss is a big aggressive running back who will do well in the NFL. He also has the opportunity at the Bills to really make an impact from day one. As stated above Frank Gore has now left and he had 166 rushing attempts last year. Even if some of them go to Singletary, you have to believe that Moss will see some serious action.

Moss is not only a big guy he also has great hands and vision and can play as the pass catcher as well. If Singletary doesn’t improve much and Moss does make an impact in his rookie year you could see the roles reversing quite easily. By taking Moss at the 12.06 your not expecting him to be a starter this year and you can leave him on your bench or taxi spot.

Taking Zack Moss at the price he is means you could have a running back who has the chance to become the number one guy for a run heavy team and that would be great value!

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