The true Baltimore value!

Hey everyone and welcome to the next in our ‘true value’ series and this time we will be looking at one of the more fancied teams this year, the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens finished last year with the best record, 14-2, but suffered an early play-off defeat and so will be looking to improve this year.

First up we have got their MVP candidate quarterback, Lamar Jackson who passed for only 3,127 yards but managed an incredible 36 touchdowns from it. Along with that he also rushed for 1,206 yards and seven touchdowns. This was the most passing touchdowns in the league and only Josh Allen for Buffalo rushed for more touchdowns then him. Doing all this managed to catapult Jackson to the number one spot and at only 23 he will have ,any years ahead.

Jackson is an amazing talent and doesn’t really have many weaknesses, especially with the great o-line that the Ravens have but their is little value for him. Firstly, it is possible he could do the same again next year but it is unlikely. Secondly, his ADP is crazy high at 3.02. You would be losing out on a seriously good player in the running back or wide receiver position for a QB that you don’t need to spend so much on. Also, with his desire to run a lot there is always a higher chance of injury. He is an incredible talent but he is also a very expensive talent.

Next we have got Mark Andrews, the Ravens tight end also had a wonderful season last year managing to get up to become the tight end number two. Andrews managed to amass 852 yards and an impressive ten touchdowns showing a big improvement from his rookie season. Also, at only 24 years of age Andrews has many years left could be a top end tight end for a long time.

Andrews does offer value but he does also come with some negatives. You have to feel that although he could be a big player for your team, there is a strong chance of regression. If you look at the other tight ends in the top five he had the lowest amount of yards and was at least 200 yards off all the guys in the top four. He got up to second via his ten touchdowns which is a huge amount for a tight end and you have to think that will drop but there is no reason for his yards to go up. Also, his ADP is 6.02 which isn’t mega expensive but it is slightly on the high side but if he can stay a top five tight end then you would be getting some value from his price.

The wide receiver core for the Baltimore Ravens is lead by Marquise Brown who had a solid rookie year becoming the number 45 with 584 yards and seven touchdowns. The Ravens are a very run heavy attack and so its going to be hard for any wide receiver to make a significant impact but you have to expect some improvement for Brown. His ADP is 6.09 which puts him around players like N’Keal Harry and Will Fuller which would make you go for him in the hope that he does progress but he doesn’t offer mega value.

Along with Brown the Ravens have got Miles Boykin, Willie Sneed and Devin Duvernay as their main wide receivers. Boykin was a bit of a disappointment last year and although he could improve he doesn’t really make you want to go for him. He does have age on his side but he would only be a bench spot. Sneed was the number 72 last year and although he got five touchdowns he wasn’t really on the field much so he wouldn’t be anymore than a bench spot as well. Duvernay is interesting in that he does have a lot of speed and has plenty of yards after the catch ability but you shouldn’t expect much from him in his rookie year. All of these guys are past the 15th round in ADP and so would only be a roster filler but Duvernay could be one that shows a little bit of value.

The Ravens starting running back last year was Mark Ingram who produced some great numbers in this run heavy offence. Ingram had 1,265 all purpose yards and 15 touchdowns to make him the running back eight for the year. His ADP is 8.04 which is probably about the right spot for him given he now has some major obstacles to get back up to that position.

Firstly, Ingram is 30 years old now and by the time a running back reaches that age he has probably done his best work. Secondly and more significantly, the Ravens went out and drafted a running back in the second round of the draft. They didn’t need to do this as they could of kept with Ingram for another year but they still went out and got one. Finally, Ingram’s contract runs out at the end of 2021 and it wouldn’t cost the Ravens a lot to get rid of him at the end of 2020.

The true Baltimore Value!

The true value for you to go and get from the Baltimore Ravens this year is J.K Dobbins. Dobbins has been very productive during his college years at Ohio State including a 2,000+ yards season in his final year. Obviously that doesn’t just translate straight away to the NFL but it shows that he can put up big numbers.

Another big plus for Dobbins is that, as previously stated, the Ravens didn’t need to draft a running back. They have Mark Ingram who could of been the main guy for another year but they saw Dobbins was available and went for him. His current ADP is 7.06 in dynasty leagues and that is good value for a running back who should be the starter for a team that loves to run the ball. He will be used alongside Mark Ingram this year but then take over starter duties for the next few years to come.

J.K Dobbins looks good value as a rookie for an exciting, run heavy team and he could build a really good one-two partnership with Lamar Jackson. He could be a really great asset to your dynasty team and at 7.06 he is at a price that you don’t want to miss.

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