The true Atlanta value!

The next team we are going to be looking at is the Atlanta Falcons who have struggled over the last few years since their infamous collapse against New England in the 2017 superbowl. Last year they only managed to finish with a losing 7-9 record but they do still have plenty of attacking threat for your fantasy team.

The Falcons will be lead by their quarterback Matt Ryan, who has been there for 12 years now and looks another solid bet for a top ten finish. Ryan finished as the QB11 last year and currently has an ADP of 9.09, which happens to be the QB11 in dynasty drafts at the moment. If you look at his stats then it shows how solid he truly is. He will pass for over 4,000 yards, he will get Atlanta around 25 touchdowns a season and he is most likely to be a top ten QB.

Based on that you would think he would be a good choice to have as your quarterback but he does come with a few downsides. Firstly, Ryan is 35, which doesn’t mean that he is passed it by any means but it does mean he is starting to come towards the end. You are likely to get another two or three years of him at his best and that could be pushing it. Secondly his interceptions are normally quite high, partly due to his o-line but also due to him trying to force the pass. Also, and this is because of his o-line he seems to be getting sacked more and more as his career goes on. Last year he was brought down 48 times which is not what you want for your QB.

At running back the Falcons went out and got themselves Todd Gurley from the LA. Rams to replace Devonta Freeman who the Falcons decided had seen better days. Gurley has been an unbelievable running back for the Rams in the past five years amassing 58 touchdowns and 5,404 yards in five seasons and missing the odd game. Gurley has an ADP of 8.10 which based on the previous stats makes him an absolute steal, however, Gurley does come with some serious negatives which is why you would only take him if you really needed a running back by round eight.

Gurley has had injury worries which have been well documented over the last couple of years. It was clear to see that his workload had been reduced by the LA Rams in his last year and a half due to his wear and tear. The next issue when it comes to Gurley is that he has played five years and he has been used a lot. He is only 25 but for a running back it means his best days are likely to be behind him especially when you are thinking about taking him in dynasty. Lastly, he is at a new team with a new o-line and a new QB. He might thrive in a new environment but also he might fall away even more and that’s why he is a team dependant pick. 

Back-up to Gurley is Ito Smith who has been with the Falcons for a couple of years now and hasn’t really shown that he is the guy to desperately want. Smith has an ADP past the 15th round so you would only pick him up as a bench spot but you could argue he would be worth a punt if Gurley was to go down.

At wide receiver the Falcons have got one of the best players for the position in Julio Jones who could easily be the number one for the year. Jones has amassed just short of 10,000 yards in the seven years he has been in Atlanta showing that he is almost guaranteed to pick up over 1,000 yards for your team if you were to pick him. His ADP is 1.12 at the moment which makes him the 5th wide receiver off the board which does make him expensive but you know he will easily be a top 10 player, barring injuries. The only downside to Jones is that he is 31 and you just never know if he will start to drop off as he gets older but you have to feel he will do well for your team in the next tow or three years.

Along with Jones the Flacons also have Calvin Ridley as their number two wide receiver who didn’t really progress much after his rookie season. He looks like he could become really good but all the time Julio Jones is their you have to feel he will always be the second choice of Matt Ryan. His first year he produced 821 yards and 10 touchdowns, in his second he produced 866 yards and seven touchdowns. His ADP is 4.06 and he is going around other wide receivers who I think either have more potential then him or are already better established players.

An intriguing player for the Falcons is Russell Gage who has been in Atlanta for two years now and did show some signs of being relevant at the back end of last season. Once Mohammed Sanu was traded away to the New England Patriots last season Gage saw a big increase amassing 344 yards and a touchdown. This shows that the Falcons do have him in their plans and by having more time in the team he could be a very nice dynasty stash for your bench at a super low price as he is only being taken past the top 15 rounds.

The true Atlanta value!

The true Atlanta value that everyone should be taking notice of for your dynasty team is Hayden Hurst. Hurst was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2018 and has been used sparingly due to the Ravens also having Mark Andrews. Unfortunately for Hurst he was never able to get enough time with the Ravens but that will now be Atlanta’s gain. Hurst is only 26 which means he could be a quality tight end for the Falcons for a few years to come showing he is worth taking in dynasty.

During the off season the Falcons previous tight end, Austin Hooper moved over to the Cleveland Browns leaving a large amount of targets vacant. The chances are most of them targets will go to Hayden Hurst which is why you can see his potential rise. Hooper was the tight end seven last year with 97 targets, 787 yards and 6 touchdowns. There is no reason why Hurst wouldn’t be able to replicate that if he is given that time on the field. His current dynasty ADP is 12.11 which means he is the 17th tight end off the board but has top ten potential.

There are good reasons why you would draft Matt Ryan and Julio Jones in your dynasty team and Russell Gage is someone that you should take but he is a punt. The guy you really don’t want to miss out on from Atlanta is Hayden Hurst.

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