The true Arizona value!

Hi guys and girls this is the start of a group of articles that will show who the best value is for each team in the NFL. You might of seen a poll go up recently and the outcome was that you wanted to know about dynasty value so that’s what you are going get. First off we are going to be taking a look at the Arizona Cardinals.

So the Cardinals made a big splash in the off season trading away David Johnson to the Houston Texans for DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins has been a giant for fantasy in the last few years and so has a dynasty ADP of 1.06. This might seem like an obvious place for him to be given his past but he does come with a few negatives now. Firstly, he is 28, now although that is not old for a wide receiver it does mean you are most likely to get only another two or three years of his best. Once you get past that he has the potential to not be as good. Some players continue to produce amazing numbers in their 30’s but not many.

Secondly, this is a brand new team that he has never played for. We don’t know if he will click with Kyler Murray in the same way he did with Deshaun Watson. Hopkins is a quality wide receiver and it would be a surprise if he didn’t make a success of his move but he doesn’t represent any value at that price.

Next up they have got Kyler Murray leading them as quarterback and he had a great season for a rookie last year. He passed for 3,722 yards and had 544 rushing yards showing that he will bring you points nearly every week. Murray is only young and could be around for many years to come meaning that he could be massive for your dynasty team.

There are only two worries when it comes to Murray, one, he rushes a lot and normally rushing quarterbacks don’t last as long as ones that predominantly throw more and two he is expensive. History tells us that rushing quarterbacks are more likely to get hurt and the O-line is not the greatest when it comes to protection. Also, his ADP is currently 6.08 which is high for a quarterback. He was the QB7 last year and is going as the 6th off the board. You can argue that is where he should be but that doesn’t represent any value for your team when you can pick up a decent quarterback at a much lower price. Murray got you 297 points last year, Matt Ryan got you 281 and he isn’t going anywhere for many years to come and currently has an ADP of 9.09.

Christian Kirk was getting a lot of attention in the off season until Hopkins turned up which goes to show that he was never really considered to be the number one by his team. Kirk did improve after his rookie year but not by loads, he had the same amount of touchdowns, three and about 150 yards more. He is only young at 23 and he could improve again, although that might be hard with Hopkins around, but his ADP is 8.08. This puts him around many good players like Jarvis Landry or Marvin Jones if you want a senior player who finished much higher than him.

The Cardinals have also got some other wide receivers who you could take a punt on but that is really all it would be. Andy Isabella, KeeSean Johnson and Hakeem Butler were all rookies last year and didn’t really amount to much and with DeAndre Hopkins now in the team you have to think they will see less action. Also, Larry Fitzgerald is still going but you wouldn’t want him for dynasty as he might only be around for one, maybe two more years. Chase Edmonds has an ADP in round 13 which would be good value but he is only going to be a back up so if you wanted to put him on your bench it would be understandable in case of injury.

The true Arizona value is Kenyan Drake!

Kenyan Drake has been stuck in Miami under a head coach, Adam Gase, who is not helpful to his players. (putting it nicely) He was stuck in a time share not being given the opportunity to truly shine until he moved to Arizona last year. He finished the year as the RB18, this might not seem incredibly  impressive but it was his first year on the team. He had the most amount of yards in one year in his career last year (817) and he had the most amount of touchdowns in one year last year (8). Not only did he beat all of his previous years he also did it playing only 14 games compared to the 16 he played each season for Miami.

As previously stated being the RB18 is nothing amazing but when you look at what his ADP is in dynasty at the moment it shows he is amazing value. He is currently going at 6.05. You are getting a starting running back who, if he plays 16 games, could break 1,000 yards and have eight-ten rushing touchdowns and a few in the passing game. That’s similar stats to what Mark Ingram did last year and he was the RB8 last season. Bearing in mind that if you went for Drake in the 6th round he could be your second, third or even fourth choice running back.

Kenyan Drake has finally been able to show what he can do when given the ball a lot more and it is something that you and your team don’t want to miss out on.

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