What The Scott Fish Bowl Means To Me

I started playing fantasy football around 7 years ago now. It all started with 6 friends in my home redraft league, the DILFS league as we like to call it. This slowly moved into dynasty, auction, bestball and devy. I’m now in 45 leagues plus, yes I know I have a problem!

I first come across the Scott Fish Bowl in 2018 but I admit I was to scared to sign up. A league full of the fantasy 1.01s, I said to myself you don’t stand a chance, so I missed out. Scott Fish Bowl 8 would eventually be won by Sam Lane who up till that time I had not had a conversation with, Sam would later join us on 2 episodes of Kickers Matter “THANKFULLY NOT IN A SINGLET” – more on that later.

Around December 2018 I ventured onto twitter for the day and noticed a tweet Scott Fish had put out himself, $44,500 donated to fantasy cares from SFB8 truly amazing. So I said to myself what is fantasy cares? I begun to research what fantasy cares does and its origins. The main goal of fantasy cares is to raise money each year through fantasy sports community for various charities. With the majority used to buy toys for kids at Christmas. The last part hit me, as a father myself I realised how lucky and fortunate I am that I can provide for my daughter with whatever she needs. It made me realise I was in my own bubble we all do it as long as I’m alright why should I care? The truth is we should all care for our fellow humans. I may have not applied for SFB8 but it turned a light on in my head, I finally got it.

February 2019 rolled around and I took what I had learned, I decided to raise money for Cancer research UK I would get my friend Jamie to shave all my hair off if I got to my £200 goal. I smashed that goal £375 raised in the space of 4 weeks. I was proud not just because of what I had done but because of the people who believed in me. Thank you to everyone who donated.

We got to April and SFB9 on the horizon, Sam’s now famous singlet video as well. I thought I’d applied in December. Invites started going out and the joy it was bringing to the fantasy community was amazing. I had not received an invite myself as May rolled around but by now I knew that wasn’t what SFB was about. Then Rotowear developed some amazing SFB T-shirts with proceeds going to fantasy cares, the theme gaming. I’m a gaming geek and had to have one. I posted a pic up on twitter and said haven’t been lucky enough to get a SFB invite but I couldn’t resist the shirt and proceeds going to fantasy cares. I then asked Scott if it was OK to setup a ghost league of the SFB9 with proceeds going to fantasy cares. He replied you haven’t applied for SFB9. I was sure I had but thankfully I could still do it. About 5 days later I got my official invite I was truly honoured to test my fantasy skills against the best but more importantly helping this great cause.

I made sure I actually applied for SFBX and was truly honoured to get a invite back for this year. The Scott Fish Bowl brings this fantastic community together. That lightbulb come on after SFB8 I need to be the best human I can be, I need to help others who are less fortunate than myself and I can always learn more. I’d like to thank Scott (@ScottFish24) ( for the invites and for the fantastic work he does in the community. I’d also like to shout out John Bosch (@JohnBoschFF) and Ryan McDowell (@RyanMc23) who also do fantastic work in this community. If you can afford anything Scottfishbowl.com/donate


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