Kickers Matter Dynasty League : State of the Franchise Top Half (1-8)

Kickers Matter Dynasty League : State of the Franchise

Top Half (1-8)

Following the recent article focussing on the lesser lights of last year’s Kickers Matter Dynasty League it’s time to turn our attentions to the super stars. However everyone knows it’s hard to stay on top year after year so will Adam be able to repeat his crown or will he crash and burn like the 2016 Carolina Panthers.

So without further nonsense from me let’s get going again….


Ranked: 8th – Team crosso88

QB – Deshaun Watson, Andy Dalton

RB – Mark Ingram, Lamar Miller, Rex Burkhead

WR – Keenan Allen, Marvin Jones, Mo Sanu

TE – Eric Ebron, Jordan Reed

Notable Rookies – None!

Jamie was desperate to get out of the 2019 draft class and in doing so gave up lots of rookie collateral for ageing talent. It’s a move that didn’t pay off with a playoff run however and as such this is a team that needs to compete now or is going to be a tough one to rebuild. If facing the prospect of Ebron likely to see some significant TD regression wasn’t enough then the Patriots drafting Damien Harris to kill of Rex Burkhead’ s value is a real kicker. If im Jamie then i’m looking to move some of my bench WR’s for future mid round rookie picks to try find some stars of the future as I can really see this team under pressure this year.

Need: Top class talent. Keenan Allen and Deshaun Watson aside I don’t see this team as having enough top tier talent to really make a move upwards.


Ranked 7th – Guice Guice Baby

QB – Drew Brees, Joe Flacco

RB – Saquon Barkley, Ronald Jones, Peyton Barber

WR – Antonio Brown, Nelson Agholor, Taylor Gabriel

TE – Jesse James, Jack Doyle

Notable Rookies – Andy Isabella, Foster Moreau, Elijah Holyfield

From one team with no rookie picks to another who had almost all the picks in the last two rounds of the draft. However the issue with that is clear in this team. There just aren’t enough roster spots to hold all the dart throws and as such this is a team a little light on depth. Saquon and Antonio aside this is a team that needs more talent. Barkley will ensure this team doesn’t sink like a stone and AB being the target hog in Oakland will mean on any given week Ronnie will compete but there just isn’t enough depth to cover any absence from one of his big two. I know Ronnie only recently moved for AB but I’d be looking to flip him already to find some younger talent and some higher draft collateral in 2020.

Need: QB of the future. Brees and Flacco could well be out the league next year and you don’t want to have to use a high pick in 2020 on a QB. I’d be looking to find my future QB now by maybe looking to move on from Brees and AB.


Ranked 6th – Dak to the Future

QB – Russel Wilson, Cam Newton

RB – Todd Gurley, Matt Breida, Chris Thompson

WR – JuJu Smith Schuster, Golden Tate, Kenny Stills

TE – Jimmy Graham, ASJ

Notable Rookies – Noah Fant, Dexter Williams, Terry McLaurin

When Rhys heard the news of Gurley’s arthritic knees he must have panicked…If Gurley is to see a significant drop off then Rhys is very exposed at the RB position and doesn’t have a lot of options behind to pick up the slack. I do like the Noah Fant pick though he should thrive in Denver. With AB moving to Oakland then it frees up even more targets in Pittsburgh and it’s hard to see JuJu doing anything other than clean up. He could easily be a Top 5 WR this year. Rhys has been trying to move on from Newton for a while and think this is a good move if he can find a buyer.

Need: Gurley’s knee to hold up. Rhys will live or die by Todd Gurley this year…..


Ranked 5th – Stewart Loves Boys

QB – Matt Ryan, Nick Foles

RB – Kalen Ballage, Theo Riddick

WR – Brandin Cooks, Tyreek Hill, Chris Godwin

TE – David Njoku

Notable Rookies – TJ Hockensen, N’Keal Harry, Darrel Henderson

Jack at end of last season blew his team up with intention of making a play at the 2020 draft. However on draft night for the 2019 rookies he got a little excitable and used all that collateral to dive back into the draft to gain 3 picks in first round. I’m not entirely sure this strategy will pay off as although im in love with N’Keal Harry, i’m just not sure of Hockensen considering the needs of Jack’s team was the wisest of moves. Hock should prove to be an excellent Tight End…it’s just didn’t seem like a sensible move based on his roster. As good as Jack’s WR position is (Tyreek suspension aside) no team in this league can do well with Kalen Ballage and Theo Riddick as its lead RB’s. Jack has one pick in 2020 in the first and lucky for him he’ll be making that pick early to go grab a RB.

Need: His head examining. Giving up so many assets to trade out of 2019 then using all that future collateral to come back in just doesn’t make sense to me and his team is worse for it with little left in the bank for the future.


Ranked 4th – The Philly Special

QB – Carson Wentz, Dak Prescott

RB – Alvin Kamara, Lev Bell, Austin Ekeler

WR – Steffon Diggs, Will Fuller, Dede Westbrook

TE – OJ Howard, Trey Burton

Notable Rookies – DK Metcalf, Josh Oliver, Riley Ridley

On paper this is a good looking team but scratch beneath the surface and the players listed above are all that’s worth noting. If this team suffers any injuries it’s going to struggle. I do love Steffon Diggs for 2019 though and if Will Fuller can stay healthy he has shown to have an excellent partnership with Watson. I’m personally pleased to see Bell back also, as the league is better when it has its best players in it. I know Gase didn’t get much out of his RBs in Miami but let’s be honest…it’s not like he had a whole host of quality there either.

Need: Depth….this team has so little quality outside its starting line-up and any injuries will send this team along way below the playoffs.


Ranked 3rd – Favre Finger Death Punch

QB – Philip Rivers, Lamar Jackson

RB – Zeke Elliott, Dalvin Cook, Leonard Fournette, Kareem Hunt

WR – Devantae Adams, AJ Green, Sterling Shephard,

TE – George Kittle, Ricky Seals Jones

Notable Rookies – Kyler Murray, JJ Arcega Whiteside

I’m still not sure how Nev didn’t win the league last year as he has so much talent all over his roster. He added Adams in the offseason in a trade with myself, taking full advantage of my love for Guice, and added some intriguing rookies to the mix for the future also. Nev’s is one of the few teams who can afford some injuries at RB, which is lucky as he has Fournette and Cook, and as such it’s hard to see him doing anything other than challenge this year.


Need: Nothing……this roster is set.


Ranked 2nd – Under the InfluWentz

QB – Jared Goff, Derek Carr

RB – David Johnson, Nick Chubb, James White

WR – Adam Thielen, Alshon Jeffrey, Mike Williams

TE – Zach Ertz, Dallas Goedert


Notable Rookies – Justice Hill, Hollywood Brown

I’m a big fan of the team Allan has built and he’s very set at the RB position. DJ should flourish in Kingsbury Air Raid system and Nick Chubb really came on in the latter half of last season. Im probably not as high on his WR’s as I see a drop off on Thielen for 2019 and find Jeffrey to be inconsistent. Everyman and his dog is predicting a big break out for Mike Williams and although I can see why im struggling to really believe it for myself. With Ertz and Goedert though Allan has ensured that no matter who Wentz throws to in the end zone he’s more than covered. I like the additions of Hill and Brown from Baltimore also, although don’t think we see then best of either of them until 2020.

Need: Consistent WR – Allan doesn’t need a lot but I’d be looking for maybe a more stable WR to pair with Thielen. It’s going to be tough to predict which week either Williams or Jeffrey goes off and as such id probably like something a little more ‘known’.


Ranked 1st – Mixon, Mix Off

QB – Andrew Luck, Taysom Hill

RB – Joe Mixon, Phillip Lindsay, Chris Carson

WR – Michael Thomas, Cooper Kupp, Keke Coutee

TE – Vance McDonald, Charles Clay

Notable Rookies – Daniel Jones, Benny Snell, Kelvin Harmon

I think even Adam would admit he was a little surprised to win the league last year, but his team got hot just at the right time and he made a great run to the Championship. I do fear though that some of the guys who were so hot for him in last year’s playoffs may see reduced roles in 2019 though. Chris Carson was excellent last year but the Seahawks still have a 1st round RB on their books ready to start taking snaps away. Everyone was surprised by the play of Phillip Lindsay as a rookie and although I don’t think he will be a one season wonder I do think the move to a more zone blocking run scheme will help Royce Freeman. Keke Coutee is one of my favourite potential breakouts for 2019. He had some rotten injury luck as a rookie but he has all the tools to be a very special player in the NFL and it wouldn’t surprise me if he finished as a Top 24 WR in 2019.

Need: RBs to stay as they were. Adam needs Carson and Lindsay’s roles to not alter one bit from 2018 and if they do he’ll be fine for another high finish. If they see a drop off though he could see him fall down the pack a little.

So that rounds it all up for another year…… Based on where the teams stand today here’s my prediction for the 2019 Kickers Matter Dynasty League:

  1. Favre Finger Death Punch (Champions)
  2. Kerryon my Wayward Son
  3. Under the Influwentz
  4. Mixon Mixoff
  5. Getting Gronky
  6. The Philly Special
  7. J
  8. Dak to the Future
  9. Equanimeous St. Bird
  10. Hockcliffe Tantrums
  11. Guice Guice Baby
  12. Crosso88
  13. Born to Mack
  14. BenMc91
  15. Witten in the Stars
  16. Stewart Loves Boys (Losers)

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