Dynasty Ageism

As someone who has been playing fantasy football for about 4 years now it has become apparent that people have decided that re-draft leagues are not enough anymore. Not only does it seem that most leagues are dynasty leagues but there are also flex or as I have found this year, Super-flex. I have completed a few Super-flex league drafts this off season and it always amazes me the amount of draft value people put on guys coming out of college compared to seasoned pro’s. So I have compiled certain players and comparisons that I believe will help you win your fantasy title this year and get you some serious value in your draft.

Most fantasy pro’s will tell you that you don’t need to take a quarterback till late and I agree but not only do I agree with that I also believe you should not be taking your quarterbacks till late in a Super-flex as well. In most Super-flex leagues you will need 3 quarterbacks in order to play 2 and keep 1 on your bench in case of injuries at the very least. Although picking up Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson might seem like a great move you can get some really good players late.

Chances are if you are taking one of the big young quarterbacks then you are using a 1st or 2nd round pick and that is a big cost. Not only do you lose out on picking a top quality running back or wide receiver but also you are paying a lot for a player who is not certain to be the main man. Patrick Mahomes was outrageous in his first season throwing touchdowns everywhere and being the QB1 for 2018. 1 year later he misses a couple of games through injury and doesn’t get as many touchdown passes meaning he was the QB8.

So I don’t want to lose out on a big running back or wide receiver in the first couple of rounds and I cant have  one of the big name quarterbacks. So what do I do? My advice to you is that you load up with quality running backs and wide receivers and you wait to take your quarterbacks later on in the draft. Last year Mahomes averaged 20.86 points per game and he has just cost someone the 1.04 in a start up draft I’m doing as I write this. Drew Brees averaged 20.80 points per game last year but instead of being the 1.04 he went at 6.07. I understand he is 41 and he might not play much longer but if you want to win then surely you would go down this route. Phillip Rivers, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Kirk Cousins all hit between 16 and 17 points per game and they went in rounds 16, 17 and 7 respectively.

Phillip Rivers is a prime example of a quarterback that everyone should be looking at taking especially if you have him as a 3rd choice. He might be getting older and you don’t know for certain how long he will play but he has signed a 2 year deal with the Colts. They have got a seriously good offensive line and a top quality wide receiver in TY Hilton who Rivers can bomb some big play passes to. Also, they have a decent running back in Marlon Mack and a top prospect in Jonathan Taylor who he can use in the passing game as well. This is for a quarterback who went in the 16th round.

This doesn’t just apply to Quarterbacks its amazing the value you can get if you don’t just think about the age of a player. Julio Jones is 31 years old now but he is still one of the best wide receivers you can get in your team and despite this I picked him up at the 4.02 in my Super-flex draft, during that same draft 23 year old D.J Moore went at the 3.03. This is crazy as although you could argue Moore will be around for at least 6 or 7 years and could be a great player, he also could not do great under a new coach and quarterback. Also, last year Jones was the wide receiver number 5 and averaged 11.7 points per game Moore was 21 with an average of 9.6 and both played 15 games.

Another example is Marvin Jones, the Detroit wide receiver is always under valued and at the age of 30 doesn’t receive any attention at the top end of drafts. However, he was the wide receiver 27 in 2019 and averaged 10.2 points per game in his 13 games played. Calvin Ridley is 25 and averaged 10.3 points per game in his 13 games. Based on the stats you could argue that they are both similar players yet Ridley went in the 5th round but Marvin Jones went at the end of the 11th round.

I’m not saying that you should exclusively pick older players because you will find that a couple of years later you will need to change your whole side but there is some serious value out there if you don’t focus on young players. Everyone gets excited to see the draft every year and see all the new young college players come out and see what there landing spots are but there is more to dynasty then just picking up new young players.

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