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The AFC South, it looks good for fantasy relevant players. But is it really? A few big names here and there. But are there enough fantasy points to win you a championship? Let’s dive in and see.

Houston Texans

QB DeShaun Watson

Watson is considered a top 3 quarterback this year going into the season. And why not? He can the the ball with the best of the, he has the best wide receiver in the game (Hopkins), and he can run the ball if and when he wants to. Last year he showed us this with his 4,165 passing yards, 26 touchdowns, 551 rushing yards, and 5 touchdowns . So why not draft him and win your championship this year? The real question though is, when do you draft him? Well if you really want him, it’s safe to say he won’t be there after the 4th round. So pick him before that. Stat projection: 4,500 passing yards, 35 touchdowns, 600 rushing yards, and 7 touchdowns

RB Lamar Miller

Yuck, really he’s still fantasy relevant? Yes, unfortunately he is. He’s sneaky good. What that means is, he may not be flashy but he produces. 973 rushing yards, 5 touchdowns, 25 catches, 163 receiving yards, and 1 touchdown. He is the team’s RB 1 but even if you draft Zero RB you won’t want him any sooner than your RB 2. Even then he’s a good flex, he week filler. He will have D’onta Foreman running up behind him, meaning if fullly healthy, Foreman will steal carries. Don’t be surprised if Foreman is the team’s RB 1 by week 8. The you’ll have a bench player I’m Miller. Stat projection: 1,100 rushing yards, 8 touchdowns, 170 receiving yards, 1 touchdown

WR DeAndre Hopkins

Hopkins is the team’s WR 1 and will and should be yours too. Go ahead and draft him in the first round and you’ll be on your way to the playoffs. Go ahead and draft him #1 overall. He had huge numbers last year 115 catches, 1,571 yards, and 11 touchdowns l. He should easily repeat if not pass those stats this year. If you pass on the NFL’s #1 WR then you better have only passed on Zeke and Barkley. Stat projection: 125 catches, 1,700 receiving yards, and 15 touchdowns

WR Will Fuller

All he does is catch touchdowns but all he does is get hurt. This guy can’t stay healthy to save his career. He’s fantasy relevant because his boom is so big that he could be a WR 2 on your team. Look at what he did last year 32 catches, 503 yards, and 4 touchdowns in 7 games. However, because of the injuries, draft him as a weak flex, bye week filler until he can prove he can stay healthy. Stat projection: 50 catches, 800 yards, 8 touchdowns

WR Keke Coutee

He was a sleeper last year because he didn’t really come into his own until late in the season, the last 6 games. But he put up great numbers though 28 catches, 287 yards, and 1 touchdown in those 6 games. He’s the team’s WR 3 and should realistically be a bye week filler for you. But a lot of people are pushing for him to get in your starting lineups. Don’t be fooled by the noise. Draft him but don’t use him as a weekly starter. Stat projection: 75 catches, 900 yards, 10 touchdowns

Indianapolis Colts

QB Andrew Luck

He’s healthy, he’s finally heathy! After an amazing year last year 4,593 yards and 39 touchdowns. Luck is set up for an even better one this year. The Colts added WR Devin Funchess, the young offensive line is a year older, and RB Marlon Mack is ready to lead the running game. Luck is a top 3 QB coming into the season and should be there at the end. He’s one of the few QBs you can take before the end of the 4th round, if you like to take QBs early. Stat projection: 5,000 yards and 45 touchdowns

RB Marlon Mack

Mack is the clear RB 1 for the team. The team didn’t bring anyone in or draft anyone to cut into his carries. Why should they? He only put up 908 rushing yards, 9 touchdowns, 17 catches, 103 receiving yards, and 1 touchdown in 12 games last year. He’s a weak RB 1 or solid RB 2 for your team. It will depend on how you draft and if he is still there in the 3rd if you go the Zero RB approach. Take him and enjoy your trip to the playoffs. Stat projection:

WR TY Hilton

Hilton is the prime example of consistency. Year in and year out, no matter the QB, his numbers are the same. And that’s not a bad thing. Last year he had 76 catches, 1,270 yards, and 6 touchdowns. Now that the Colts brought in Funchess, Hilton should see less double teams, meaning? He’ll see more targets. Meaning? More catches, yards, and touchdowns! Meaning? More fantasy points. So draft him as a weak WR 1 or solid WR 2 for your team. Stat projection: 90 catches, 1,500 yards, and 10 touchdowns

WR Devin Funchess

New team, check. Better QB, check. Playing on an one year prove it contract, check. That last one if very important, because that’s when we usually see some of the best stats out of players. Good stats equals bigger pay check the following year. His numbers last year with the Carolina Panthers were 44 catches, 549 yards, and 4 touchdowns will surely go up because of the three checkmarks above. Plug him into your flex position weekly and you’ll CHECK yourself into the playoffs. Stat projection: 60 catches, 900 yards, and 8 touchdowns

TE Eric Ebron

Ebron is the complete opposite of teammate Hilton. Very inconsistent. What Ebron are you going to get each week (made up stats to prove a point) 8 catches, 110 yards, and 3 touchdowns or 2 catches, 12 yards, and a lose fumble. However, his first year with the Colts was much better than the years with the Detroit Lions, 66 catches, 750 yards, and 13 touchdowns. Draft him as a streaming TE, because his teammate Jack Doyle is healthy and ready to go as will take snaps and targets away from him. Stat projection: 50 catches, 500 yards, and 7 touchdowns

TE Jack Doyle

Now that he is healthy and ready to go. It’s his TE job to lose, or is it. Ebron did show he is worthy of the starting job last year. So what do you do? Draft both tight ends? Doyle had 26 catches, 245 yards, and 2 touchdowns in 6 games last year. In 2017 he had 80 catches, 690 yards, and 4 touchdowns. If you stream your TE then yes, draft both Colts TE and play the matchups. If you want a weekly consistent starter go with Doyle. Stat projection: 70 catches, 700 yards, and 7 touchdowns

Jacksonville Jaguars

QB Nick Foles

Well now that he left the Philadelphia Eagles his fantasy relevance has plummeted. 1,413 yards and 7 touchdowns in 5 games, is what he put up last year. But being the starting QB, he will get mentioned. His WRs are worst than they were in Philly. The running game (when Fournette wants to play) is better. But the overall system is hot garbage. Stay away from Foles this year. His hot hand will fade. Stat projection: 2,500 yards and 15 touchdowns

RB Leonard Fournette

Lets all hope this will be the year that Fournette will stay healthy and actually wants to play. We saw that in his rookie year. But year after year it’s gotten worst. Last year he put up 439 rushing yards, 5 touchdowns, 22 catches, 185 receiving yards, and 1 touchdown in 8 games. In 2017 he had, 1,040 rushing yards, 9 touchdowns, 36 catches, 302 receiving yards, and 1 touchdown. And why not, his team’s have been bad. But now he’s dig himself into a hole and can’t be trusted. He’s no longer a RB 1 on your team, you need to draft him as your RB 2. Even if you go Zero RB, then maybe he’s the RB 1. But he may not be there because someone will draft him just based on his name. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get him, it’s not the end of the world. It’s one less headache you need to worry about. Stat projection: 1,000 rushing yards, 10 touchdowns, 30 catches, 300 receiving yards, and 1 touchdown

Though the wide receivers and tight ends maybe look like a good idea to draft, don’t. They don’t really have any fantasy relevance. Sure take them in your last round as a bench spot. But you’re not going to play them.

Tennessee Titans

QB Marcus Mariotta

If there was ever a QB who needs a career this year it’s Mariotta. Last year was not it 2,528 passing yards, 11 touchdowns, 357 rushing yards, and 2 touchdowns. It wouldn’t surprise me if he is done with the Titans after this year if they don’t make the playoffs. He did get help in the passing game with the addition of WR Adam Humphries. So that is a stepping stone to his career year. Don’t draft him, he barley a streaming QB. Pick him up off of waivers if your starting QB gets hurt. But stay away. Stat projection: 3,000 passing yards, 15 touchdowns, 300 rushing yards, and 2 touchdowns

RB Derrick Henry

Was it a flag in the pan last year or are we going to see the same Derrick Henry this year? 1,059 rushing yards, 12 touchdowns, 15 catches, 99 receiving yards, and 0 touchdowns says a flash in the pan. But it’s a new season and he is the RB 1 for the team now. But don’t make him your RB 1. He’s more of a weak RB 2 or solid flex play. Please don’t reach for him at your draft, let your league mates do so. He won’t be missed on your team. Stat projection: 1,000 rushing yards, 7 touchdowns, 10 catches, 75 receiving yards, and 0 touchdowns

WR Corey Davis

Wake up Corey Davis, WAKE UP! Davis is a great example of a WR who is only as good as his QB. Davis has all the talent in the world, speed, hands, good route runner, but he lacks the QB that can take advantage of that talent. Last year his stats were 65 catches, 891 yards, and 4 touchdowns. Good but not great. Until he gets out of Tennessee or a new QB, he’s nothing more than a weak flex. Stat projection: 70 catches, 950 yards, and 5 touchdowns

WR Adam Humphries

He will be the PPR machine for the Titans this year. The Mariotta dink and dunk needs 7 yards for a first down target. But for fantasy he’s nothing more than a flex or bye week filler. Mostly because of his QB because off every dink and dunk, Mariotta will miss him three other times. Last year in Tampa Bay he had 76 catches, 816 yards, and 5 touchdowns with little better QB. Expect the same or worst this year. Stat projection: 80 catches, 900 yards, and 7 touchdowns

TE Delanie Walker

But because of his age (AGE) and all of his injuries over the years. He is starting to become non-fantasy relevant. Draft him as a streamer or bye week filler.

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