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1. Luck Retirement Has Profound Impact on Fantasy Landscape Stunned doesn’t come close to describing the feeling most football fans felt on Saturday as news that Colts’ Quarterback Andrew Luck was calling time on his short-lived NFL career seeped out. Years of pain and injury took its toll on Luck and thus the league will lose one of it’s best and most enjoyable players. The impact on the Colts is even more profound. Whilst it’s impossible to defend the behaviour of the fans who booed Luck as he left Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday, any fan can surely appreciate the …

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1. Jimmy Garoppolo is a long way from 2017 When Jimmy Garoppolo went 5-0 to close the 2017 season he seemed to have the world at his feet. A 67% passer rating and a full preseason of hype had him ready to leap into the top tier of Quarterbacks in 2018. That meteoric rise was cut short by a devastating ACL tear in the week 3. The 27-year-old signal caller returned to action this week and it’s fair to say his performance will have caused major concern in Bay Area. 1 of 6 for -1 yard and a 0.0% passer …

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Notes from Pre-season: Week 1

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If you’ve ever wondered what the “Game in 40” option on Gamepass is for, then preseason week 1 will surely have answered your question. 16 games across Thursday, Friday and Saturday with little indication where you are going to find any watchable football let alone fantasy relevant information. Now the good news. Having worked my way through the full set of games so you don’t have to, here are a few notes from week 1. I do, however, offer them with an enormous caveat – you can tell almost nothing from the first week of preseason so the only advice …

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