Allan Sansome

Fantasy Season Review: Week 3

By week 3, everything was clear. The Cowboys and Patriots were unstoppable forces. Gardner Minshew was on his way to being Rookie of the Year, the Dolphins really were “tanking for Tua” and the Browns might not be for real after all. At least the last one was true. Russell Wilson had a huge week even as the Seahawks fell to the Teddy Bridgwater led Saints, throwing for 400 yards and two touchdowns and running for 51 yards and two more touchdowns. Despite Wilson’s heroics and a monster outing for Tyler Lockett (11/154/1) the Saints took the win despite producing …

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Cam Newton. Remember him? Well he kicked off week 2 off the NFL season with a mediocre outing in a defeat by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He did manage to rack up some decent yardage (333 yards) but what use is Cam to you if he throws zero touchdowns and produces zero rushing yards? Fortunately, the Panthers can always rely on Christian McCaffery. Right? Hmmm…not so much in week 2. The Bucs rush defense held him to 37 yards on 16 carries and he managed only two catches for 16 yards in the passing game. So yeah, if you were …

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Fantasy Season Review: Week 1

U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Delano Scott [Public domain]

Another season has reached its end. With Championships won, crushing defeats, tanking complete or the void in between we have now reached the furthest point we will be from the next Fantasy Football season; the ideal time to look back on the season just gone and how it all went so terribly wrong. So cast your mind back to September 6th, 2019. The NFL was ready to kick off it’s 100th season in Chicago with a contest between two of its most storied teams – the Bears and the Packers. The Baltimore Ravens were 45-1 outsiders to win the Superbowl, …

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Five Dynasty Questions Keeping Me Up At Night – Part 4

1. David Johnson. WTF? I don’t think anyone has broken more fantasy football hearts this year than David Johnson. Before the season the excitement was palpable. Kliff Kingsbury and his exciting new offence was going to reignite DJ and put him right back into the mix as an RB1, a genuine league winner for those who kept the faith. Well, not so much. It’s been a very frustrating season for DJ owners. Flashes of production have come and gone. Just as he seemed to be finding a degree of form his season was derailed by injury. His single touch against …

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2020 Dynasty Rookie Draft

Tammy Anthony Baker, Photographer [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

As we race headlong into the 2nd half of the NFL season now seems as good a time as to give those of you with lost seasons a sneak peak of what lies ahead next April as Dynasty leagues look for reinforcements in draft season. College football rankings are starting to sort themselves out as the usual suspects of Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State start to pull away. This year they have been joined by a resurgent LSU and a still undefeated Penn State. Right now the playoff looks likely to be contested by 4 of these 5 teams. Of …

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Stick or Twist: Where to go in Dynasty?

As we reach the half way point in the fantasy season, we are quickly arriving at the point of no return for many teams. Everyone knows the teams they can quit on. If your 1-7 or 0-8 then you probably want to shut it down for the year – in truth you’ve probably given up checking any redraft teams with that sort of record. After week this week if you’ve only got two wins then it’s probably time to abandon all hope. In Dynasty though this is a critical time for owners, a time to start laying the ground work …

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Trades I’d Like To See

The NFL trade deadline passes this Tuesday at 4pm EST. While a few moves have already gone down, there is likely to be a flurry of moves after this weekends games as bottom feeding teams try to acquire draft capital and contending teams try to fill out their rosters as part of a final push for the play offs. Major moves that shift the dial in fantasy at this point are generally thin on the ground but here are five realistic deadline trades I think would create an interesting impact for the future: AJ Green to The Packers AJ Green …

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Half Way There: A Story of Dreadful Takes

The fantasy football year is split into two distinct halves. Firstly, you have the wonderful half of the year from January to August where any player can be a superstar. In dynasty you can trade everything you own to acquire a guy who really showed up in the last couple of weeks of the season – most likely when the opposition are dreaming of whatever lavish holiday they have planned for the offseason. This is the time of year when serious players make the wildest jumps of logic and troll the tiniest shred of evidence to convince themselves that Dante …

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Mark Susina (Mark 2400) [CC BY 2.0 (]

1. Luck Retirement Has Profound Impact on Fantasy Landscape Stunned doesn’t come close to describing the feeling most football fans felt on Saturday as news that Colts’ Quarterback Andrew Luck was calling time on his short-lived NFL career seeped out. Years of pain and injury took its toll on Luck and thus the league will lose one of it’s best and most enjoyable players. The impact on the Colts is even more profound. Whilst it’s impossible to defend the behaviour of the fans who booed Luck as he left Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday, any fan can surely appreciate the …

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Keith Allison [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]

1. Jimmy Garoppolo is a long way from 2017 When Jimmy Garoppolo went 5-0 to close the 2017 season he seemed to have the world at his feet. A 67% passer rating and a full preseason of hype had him ready to leap into the top tier of Quarterbacks in 2018. That meteoric rise was cut short by a devastating ACL tear in the week 3. The 27-year-old signal caller returned to action this week and it’s fair to say his performance will have caused major concern in Bay Area. 1 of 6 for -1 yard and a 0.0% passer …

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