Who to Target – Bengals

2 Offences primed to take a leap for fantasy

Often when we are building dynasty teams we target players and really don’t look at the situation that they are in and the people around them. I’m going to go into the teams I’m targeting and the players within it and why. Also as an FYI this doesn’t mean I try and take them all I just try to target one of these players per team but these are teams that I think will take a leap forward in fantasy and ones I am staying clear of.

Bengals – Ready to pounce

First up is an easy one. They can’t be as bad as last year can they? They were horrible last year not being on the field long enough, with star players not playing and they then chucked in a mediocre rookie at QB with no protection and pulled him out of that starting spot almost as quickly as they put him in. Fast forward to now and they took their guy Joe burrow with the 1.01 and I think have started to make the situation for Burrow look a lot better. Burrow has been evaluated to death so I’m not going over old ground here but Zac Taylor and Brian Callahan are great offensive minds and seem to have a plan with him and want to protect him while giving him weapons to be successful. The o-line has been much improved getting Jonah Williams back and adding Su’a-Filo but also adding said weapons will open up the field for the offence as a whole and means they should instead of the inevitable 3 and out that happened all too much last year be having longer drives and therefore more touches for the skill players we love and need for our fantasy teams.

Mixon it up

Mixon is the buy here, people have recently said to me there are up to 10 RB’s they would take over Mixon, let them is the answer to that. He has a huge ability to create yards and make people miss, the biggest worry for Mixon is that he is due a new contract and could sit out some time. If they get this sorted he has the ability to be a top 5 RB and I have seen people take him anywhere from 5th to 11th running back off the board which could represent huge value.

All Aboyd the wide receiver train

The WR core is an interesting one, I am starting Tyler Boyd and the reason for that is he does a role in the team nobody else dose and that’s being in the slot. He will receive a similar amount of target as he always does regardless of Green coming back and Higgins joining and might even see more due to Tyler Eifert leaving, this leaves more safety value type reception options for his rookie QB. Boyd has been a great fantasy option for most as offers decent value in drafts and can be easy to trade for, other than his injury ravages Sophamore season he has been more than consistent. AJ Green is a receiver I love, except for last season as we didn’t get a snap from him, this means though he is SO SO CHEAP right now and while this doesn’t offer you a lot for dynasty it gives you the ability to pick up a rookie WR and taxi them for a year or two knowing you can sail off into the sunset with AJ Green being hopefully healthy and rested after a year of nothing. Jack just picked up AJ Green at the 8.12 in a 14 team 1QB tight end premium dynasty league and 11.08 in a 14 team Superflex start up with 28 rookie picks in (Ask for detail) the interesting point on this is though that 3 wide receivers went just before him being Curtis Samuel, Will Fuller and Sterling Shepard…..I know who I want out of those 3 as AJ Green is the WR1 on the Bengals and has more than enough production at his current ADP to win you leagues. Tee Higgins is the most interesting one as he’s a rookie and him coming into the league has the most unknowns, with Boyd being the only receiver I can realistically see operating in the slot that leaves Higgins to compete with AJ Green on the outside and what a mentor he has to do that, I have already spoken about AJ Green and the value he has but I think if you can get Green and Higgins you have the necessary insurance if Green gets injured (Happens a lot) or when Green decides to leave or call it a day. Using some of Jason Wilkinson’s words he is great at the point of the catch while not being as smooth a route runner as AJ Green he is still good. So if you can get the current WR1 and the future WR1 and let him sit on taxi for a year then your dynasty team is set for now and the future as I am sure this is the cheapest you are going to get Higgins. Last point, get John Ross for best ball as he has some serious upside from his ADP I am not sure with Higgins joining how many targets he will see other than catching some teams off guard over the top.

Small Sample Size

The tight end room here is dire it really is, traded away Eifert who hasn’t been great since getting injured in the pro bowl then getting injured pretty much every year after but there doesn’t seem to be much here id expect them to trade for someone. Uzomah is just OK so I would stash him in really deep tight end premium leagues but in my opinion the guy to gamble on is Drew Sample because he has the biggest upside and could be the one to really benefit from Eifert leaving.

All in all I’m not saying that I think the Bengals go from worst to first but I think that offensively they now have enough to start getting some high scoring games and lots of fantasy points for their skill players with tons of value in start up drafts or trades you can pick up some of these guys and win.

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