Five things we Have Learned in Fantasy Week Three

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This week in fantasy saw more of the regular players coming to fruition. Mike Evans pretended to be a tight end and smoked the New York Giants. Russell Wilson helped a lot of people win leagues with garbage time points. Two of the replacement quarterbacks finished in the top six for the week in PPR. Let’s have a look at what other things we learned in fantasy this week.

1. Daniel Jones could be a worthwhile play

A seismic change happened for the G-men during last week. As starting quarterback and offence hostage taker Eli Manning lost his starting job for team. Step up number six draft pick and Eli doppelganger Daniel Jones.

Jones proved his controversial draft pick over the week three game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, throwing for over 300 yards and having four total touchdowns in the 32-31 win makes the first start a memorable one and although he may resemble Eli, he definitely plays better at this point. This performance carries over in fantasy too. In week three Jones was the number two QB in PPR scoring. Beating the likes of early trendsetters Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson.

This could be a continuing trend in fantasy for the New York Giants as the defence have massive problems. In Lehman’s terms, the defence is like swiss cheese. Holes and gaps are everywhere. The advantage to fantasy players and offensive fans is that the games could be shootouts which in turn gives more points to the whole offence.

2. Keenan Allen has turned up in fantasy earlier than usual

It’s fair to say that LA Chargers receiver Keenan Allen has been a slow starter in recent years. In the first half of the season last year, he only had one 100-yard game and one touchdown. Already this season Allen has over 400 yards and three TDs. After three weeks he is leading PPR scoring in his position group.

It isn’t just one big blowout game for the receiver. He is averaging over 135 yards per game. Currently on pace for over 2100 yards. Obviously, that is a stretch and there will be a come down but while he is hot sell high for another WR1 or even a RB1 depending on the player you are trading with. Especially as the Chargers are up against the Miami Dolphins and the poorly starting Denver Broncos in week four and five respectively.

With this start Keenan Allen has had over the first few weeks it has put him up there with some of the best. If the Chargers receiver keeps up with the pace, he could break into the top five of his position.

3. Tom Brady is airing out the ball more than first thought

At age 42 one would think that Tom Brady’s arm strength would be declining. It seems just as strong as it’s ever been. Considering that all the indications coming out of New England that they were looking to be a run first team. That doesn’t seem to be the case. This isn’t the first time that the Patriots have fooled everyone with their game plans, with the six-time Superbowl champions arm looking like it was weakening last season.

Brady has just under 1000 yards through the air so far this season with seven touchdowns, where the running game is only just over 250 yards with five different players. Christian McCaffrey and Dalvin Cook are ahead of that themselves. The Patriots backfield is hard to separate as it is but when they aren’t being used as first thought it is neon impossible to get it right.

It always helps the Patriots that their division is easier than most. With the bad luck that has hit the New York Jets this season and the Miami Dolphins doing their best not to be competitive, this season isn’t any different. With that being said, it is a tougher test next as the feisty Buffalo Bills are up next for Brady and the Patriots.

4. The top three “elite” tight ends are not in the top three

Last year Travis Kelce, Zach Ertz and George Kittle were given the title has the big three tight ends. They were given elite status by the fantasy community and rightly so. They were far and away the only three you could rely on in that position.

This season though the three have had slower starts than last year. Although the three are still in the top ten for PPR scoring this season, none of them are setting the position on fire. Instead it seems that New York Giants TE Evan Engram tops the scoring through three weeks followed by breakout stars Mark Andrews from the Baltimore Ravens and Darren Waller from the Oakland Raiders.

Not to worry though, last season Ertz and Kittle were slow starters last year and didn’t shine until the second half of the season. Kelce always has a slow game week one but is consistent throughout the season. With Patrick Mahomes throwing the ball anyone can make it in that offence.

5. Cooper Kupp is back

When the Los Angeles Rams lost the Superbowl back in February, there was a lot of questions being asked about the offence. It seemed like with receiver Cooper Kupp out towards the end of last season the team lost their flow through the air and could be the reason the team lost the big game.

With the ACL injury that hit Kupp so late in the season there was wonder whether he could make it back for the start of the 2019 season. There was no need to worry. The third-year receiver has been better than ever before- 268 yards receiving and two touchdowns. Leaving him in sixth in PPR scoring.

It’s been no secret that Kupp is QB Jared Goff favourite target and this year is much of the same. The schedule for the Rams coming up is favourable for the receiver as they are facing teams that although they have strong defensive fronts, the secondaries have something to be imagined. If you have Cooper in your team, he is turning from an unsure play recovering from injury to a must play every week.

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