Five Things We Have learned in Fantasy Week One

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After seven months in the wilderness the NFL is back, and week one didn’t disappoint. After a bit of rustiness in the first game on Thursday night between the Packers and Bears, the Sunday slate of games gave us a more optimism of for fantasy players. Below are five lessons we have learnt from week one. Remember this only week one and by the time week two is in the books then all this could be irrelevant.

1.  Start Everyone Against Miami

It was safe to say we wasn’t expecting the Miami Dolphins to set the league alight but was anyone expecting them to be this bad? The way the Baltimore Ravens run riot with the Dolphins made it look like a local high school were playing the team.

With this match up being the only evidence we have of the season so far it would be wise to find anyone left on the waiver wire who will face the Dolphins in the next coming weeks and grab them, especially in AFC East. Remember teams in the division play each other twice and even though the Patriots have dominated the division over the last 15 plus years, the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets have strengthened over this off-season.

Over the next five weeks the Dolphins play New England, Dallas, LA Chargers, a bye week and Washington. With the evidence that has been produced from the week one performance play everyone you have against this team.

2. Patrick Mahomes is Still Patrick Mahomes

With only one season of evidence for the reigning NFL MVP there was a lot of questions about the young Kansas City Chiefs quarterback. The 5000-yard 50 touchdown season Patrick Mahomes had asked the question could it be repeated? Well after the Chiefs week one match up with the Jacksonville Jaguars proves he is still going to be the QB1 this season.

Going into this season there were questions asked by critics that he may not have a strong game against the Jaguars. They were the only team Mahomes didn’t score a touchdown against, but he changed that 1 minute 24 seconds into the game.

Against one of the toughest secondaries in the NFL, Mahomes still threw for 378 yards and three touchdowns. Even with his best wide receiver getting injured he still found a way to get the win against the Jaguars. It still goes to show that every fantasy player should be vying to get a piece of this offence.

3. The lead players for the Indianapolis Colts are still Fantasy viable

It is crazy to think that Andrew Luck unexpectantly retired two weeks ago. The 29-year-old walked away and left the people who had already drafted the QB (including me) reeling and scampering to try and find a replacement.

It wasn’t just the quarterback that was left in jeopardy. What was going to happen to the wide receivers? The Running Backs? Would they be fantasy viable? Can Jacoby Brissett lead the team to the heights that luck did last year? Lots of unanswered questions for the Colts coming into the season and some were answered in week one, Brissett was in the 15th to 20th range of the QBs played (in PPR) which isn’t the greatest and may have been what we are expecting from the 26-year-old.

However, Marlon Mack and TY Hilton had good performances. Both was a top ten performance in PPR among their respective positions. Against one of last year’s best defences that’s quite impressive for the pair. If you drafted either of these two with the impression that Andrew Luck was under center then all is not lost with Brissett leading the team.

4. Kerryon Johnson may not be the fantasy darling everyone expected

Coming into the season everyone gets hyped by a potential player who is going to break out. There seems to be a consensus among fantasy players that Kerryon Johnson was going to be that player in 2019. All the evidence was there, a defensive coach who wants to run the ball, A first game against a sub-par defence that’s missing its core players. Everyone was expecting a big performance from the second year running back.

That wasn’t the case for Kerryon as he rushed for 49 yards and 13 receiving yards which seems to be a disappointment. Fantasy owners shouldn’t be despondent because his opening stats for his rookie season last year were bad too then by week three, he was rushing for 100 yards the first of three times to do so that year. The last person to do that in a Lions uniform was a player by the name of Barry Sanders.

So, fantasy owners shouldn’t need to worry about the slow start by the RB. As the famous advert said, “good things come to those who wait”.

5. The Cincinnati Bengals maybe more fantasy relevant than expected

No one knew what to think of the Bengals coming into the season. They had no identity, an unknown coach Zac Taylor, who come from the coaches who have spent time with Sean McVay line that every team without a coach this off-season tried to do. With all the attention going to the other Ohio team in their division the Bengals just quietly went about their way. Add in an off-season injury to AJ Green helped put a nail in the coffin for the Bengals and they had all but wrote off having any fantasy relevance for the 2019 season.

The opening game for the Bengals was against the Seahawks and although its not the legion of boom defence from Seattle, it’s still a reasonably good defence. Although the defence stopped the run successfully (33 yards total) the Bengals still almost upset them by throwing for over 400 yards. Yes, Andy Dalton throwing for a career high 418 yards. Suddenly they seem relevant again with receivers and finally they made good use of now first round flop player John Ross, who impressed with 158 receiving yards and two TDs.

The five points mentioned are only a snippet of everything that happened over week one. Analysts have been studying the players in their positions and the impression the coaches are giving, only to do the complete opposite to what was expected. This is only what happened in week one and by the time week two is finished the whole plot of the league could be changing again.

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