17th August 2020

Devy Rankings

The plan for this season was to accompany the KM Devy podcast with a regular article showing the latest 2021 Devy rankings at each position. Unfortunately, as Mike Tyson said “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” As COVID-19 continues to play havoc with the 2020 College Football season rankings may change more than anyone ever imagined, or they may not change at all. Only time will tell. For now, I’m pushing ahead with the plan. Here then are my current 2021 devy rankings by position: Quarterbacks Trevor Lawrence Clemson QB Lawrence is a superior talent …

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My Guys – 2020

I know I’m a lone voice in the wilderness on this, but I really like the NFL pre-season. Yes, the quality of play is largely terrible, and you don’t see much of the star players who will define the subsequent seventeen weeks of the actual season but, for me the drama remains. A flood of football after a long absence is normally welcome in any form but the preseason also contains the annual search for hidden gems that is a key part of the Dynasty season. Tonight, we should have been gearing up for week 2 but instead we must …

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Lockett Man

So I don’t think it’s gonna be a long long time, Till a Touchdown brings me round again to findI’m not the man they think I am Oh no no no I’m a Lockett man……  Tyler Lockett is my pick for under appreciated Wide receiver, and in my opinion Seattles no1 target man.  Lockett has been Russell Wilson’s go to guy for the past two seasons and has finished in the top 15 WRs for 2 seasons running in a team that doesn’t throw the ball often.  Most fantasy players seem to have forgotten him and prefer the new shiny new …

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