27th October 2019

Trades I’d Like To See

The NFL trade deadline passes this Tuesday at 4pm EST. While a few moves have already gone down, there is likely to be a flurry of moves after this weekends games as bottom feeding teams try to acquire draft capital and contending teams try to fill out their rosters as part of a final push for the play offs. Major moves that shift the dial in fantasy at this point are generally thin on the ground but here are five realistic deadline trades I think would create an interesting impact for the future: AJ Green to The Packers AJ Green …

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Half Way There: A Story of Dreadful Takes

The fantasy football year is split into two distinct halves. Firstly, you have the wonderful half of the year from January to August where any player can be a superstar. In dynasty you can trade everything you own to acquire a guy who really showed up in the last couple of weeks of the season – most likely when the opposition are dreaming of whatever lavish holiday they have planned for the offseason. This is the time of year when serious players make the wildest jumps of logic and troll the tiniest shred of evidence to convince themselves that Dante …

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